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Kantoor Peeters Comm.V 

 Other names of our office:

Verzekeringskantoor Peeters, Verzekeringen Peeters, Bureau d’Assurances Peeters

Mechelsesteenweg 241

B-1933 Sterrebeek/Zaventem

02 731 49 60


 Enterprise number  
RLE Brussels 0456.591.272

 Bank details  
BE42 8289 9860 3554

 Insurance broker
Enrolled in the register maintained by the FSMA under number 10116 A

  Professional association
Member of the profesionnal associations FVF and Feprabel.

Our services

We will try to provide you with correct and complete assistance for your insurance contracts. This means that we will inform you about available insurance options (with key characteristics) on your request or during the review of your existing file (since changes may have taken place in the insurance market or in your personal situation).

We can offer almost all types of insurance from a wide range of insurers. For example, we can also provide you with information about specific insurance options via your employer. We are interested in any question relating to insurance. Perhaps our most important asset is the will to do what is right.

This also means that you may count on our concrete help, assistance and the safeguarding of your interests. As an office, we actually ‘insure’ you in all matters relating to your insurance.

In connection with the AssurMifID code of conduct that we are bound to comply with as an office, we will provide you with the following information about the products and services that we offer:

Information about the concept of insurance mediation

Our office offers insurance mediation services. In other words, our work consists of providing advice on insurance contracts, offering, proposing and performing preparatory work prior to the conclusion of insurance contracts, or concluding insurance contracts, or providing assistance in the management and implementation of insurance contracts during the period via the office. The management may focus on administration for example, or relate to the handling of a damage claim file. 

Numbers of the branches and titles (types of Insurance)

1: Accidents;

2: Sickness:

3: Vehicle body shell except for railway rolling stock;

4: Body shell of rolling railway stock;

5: Aircraft hull;

6: Marine and inland vessel hull;

7: Goods in transit, including merchandise, baggage, and all other goods;

8: Fire and natural risks;

9: Miscellaneous damage to goods;
10: Civil liability insurance for motor vehicles;

11: Civil liability insurance for aircraft;

12: Civil liability insurance for marine and inland vessels;

13: General civil liability insurance;

14: credit;
15: Guarantee;

16: Miscellaneous financial loss;

17: Legal assistance;

18: Provision of assistance;

21: Life insurances not linked to investment funds, with the exception of marriage and birth insurance;
22: Marriage and birth insurance, not linked to investment funds;

23: Life, marriage and birth insurance which are linked to investment funds;

26: Capital redemption operations;

27: Management of group pension funds.

Policy conditions

For the various policy conditions of the different products of the various insurance companies with which we work, we would like to refer to you the relevant proposals and/or policies and the references given by the respective insurance companies.

As a rule, a policy consists of at least the General Terms and Conditions and the Special Terms and Conditions. This may also be supplemented with, for example, Special Terms and Conditions, certificates and covering letters.

For the time being, it is not possible to provide online general terms and conditions for each policy.

Please however note that you as a client can consult the special terms and conditions via the client zone (secure environment, access on request).

Insurance companies

Our office collaborates in offering insurance contracts with the following companies:

AG Insurance, AIA, Allianz, Allianz Global Assistance, Amma verzekeringen, Arag, Aviabel, Baloise Insurance, Cardif, DAS, Dela, Delta Lloyd Life, DKV, Europese Goederen en bagage maatschappij, Euromex, Europ Assistance, Expat&Co, Fidea, Generali Belgium, Jean Verheyen, Protect, Sobegas, Tariferingsbureau Auto, Vander Haeghen & Co, Vivium

Our consultation services

In order to recommend insurance to you that fulfils your wishes, our office makes a precise analysis of, on the one hand, the risk to be insured and, on the other, your wishes and requirements in connection with the insurance contract(s) to be subscribed.

In connection with this analysis, you will be asked several questions, among other things concerning the policyholder and the insured persons, the description of the risk, the desired guarantees, previous insurance contracts and antecedents if any, and other general remarks and clarifications. The replies given by you will be found in the insurance proposal for the insurance to be subscribed to; please refer to: “Your choice as client” in the information sheet if any, or originate from a letter or e-mail.

Unless otherwise agreed, we do not conduct any further market analysis for the risk that you wish to insure via our office.

Insurance proposal and/or contract for the solution(s) of your choice are completed and sent to you. We always notify you about the scope and limitations of the insurance solution chosen by you.

Our consultation services


Our office does not hold any share in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company. Conversely, there are no insurance companies that have a stake in the voting rights or capital of the office.

You have the right to request the name and address of the insurance compan(y)(ies) with which our office does/or may do business.

Premium payment

You can pay your insurance premium in various ways. As a rule, premiums are collected by the insurance company. 

You can pay through bank transfer, or authorise the insurance company to collect the premium from your bank account via SEPA mandate (direct debit). We shall check on your behalf whether the amounts of the insurance premium, as received from the respective insurance companies, appear to be correct (index, financial penalty, discount, etc).  If you have paid your insurance premium in time, you are discharged to the insurer.

Your proof of payment and the premium advice note together shall constitute receipt. Legal certificates if any will be sent to you after payment.

How can I pay the premium for my insurance?

Insurance premiums can be paid by bank transfer or by direct debit.

If you pay by direct debit (SEPA mandate), the insurance company will collect the premium from your bank account. You must obviously have sufficient funds in your account.

How can I change my current account number used for direct debit?

You can make the change known to us via the personal customer zone on, by email to or by telephone on 027314960. We will then create an amended document.

What will change if I previously paid the insurance company by direct debit?


What will change if I previously paid Kantoor Peeters by direct debit?

We will ensure that from now on you can automatically pay the insurance company. For this purpose, we will send you a document to sign.

You will always receive your due date notice/statement from the insurance company.

What will change if I previously paid the insurance company by bank transfer?


What will change if I previously paid Kantoor Peeters by bank transfer?

From now on you will receive the payment invitation directly from the insurance company. You can use this to make your payment.

Can I receive a payment invitation by email?

Some insurance companies already offer this possibility. However, this is not possible for every insurance policy and will not be imposed on you (it’s your choice).

Why is the insurance company requesting the premium for your insurance?

The insurance companies will handle only the accounting part of requesting premiums payments.

They can provide more details on their payment invitation and can more easily match direct premium payments with any tax certificates.

Kantoor Peeters can focus more on what really matters: advising and assisting you during the term of your contract

How does Kantoor Peeters monitor my payments to the insurance company?

Kantoor Peeters has access to the internal systems of the insurers. 

Taxes and insurance contributions

Premium taxes are always charged on the net premium. These may be different for each insurance guarantee, even in the same contract. What we collectively call Taxes here may also include a statutory contribution from NIHDI (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance), etc.

Some policyholders (authorities, etc.) are also legally entitled to other premium taxes.

These taxes can be legally amended.

VAT payers are also liable to pay these premium taxes on insurance.


Indicative list



Mopeds, motorcycles, passenger cars, minibuses, camping vans and Old-Timers

Civil liability                                                                                                                                       27.10%

Comprehensive insurance (All-Risks insurance)                                                       26.75%

Driver’s insurance                                                                                                                                           16.75%

Assistance                                                                                                                                                         13.00%*

Legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                              16.75%

Transport of merchandise & equipment                                                                     01.40%

Buses, taxi service, ambulances, hearses, agricultural tools, transport of goods and articles ≤ 3.5 tons

Civil liability                                                                                                                                       22.10%

Comprehensive insurance (All-Risks insurance)                                                       21.75%

Driver’s insurance                                                                                                                                           16.75%

Assistance                                                                                                                                                         13.00%*

Legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                              16.75%

Transportation of goods > 3.5 tons, without road user charges (Eurovignette) /> 3.5 tons

Civil liability                                                                                                    14.25% / 12.85%

Comprehensive insurance (All-Risks insurance)                                       13.90% / 12.50%

Driver’s insurance                                                                                                                                           16.75%

Assistance                                                                                                                                                         13.00%*

Legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                              16.75%

*premium tax = average between 16.75% (Vehicle Breakdown Assistance) and 9.25% (Assistance to persons).


Basic insurance cover and Theft                                                                                                   15.75%

(Civil liability insurance, fire, storm, glass breakage, water damage, natural disasters)

Legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                              15.75%

Insurance for All Risks on construction sites:

- If department I + department II                                                                                  09.74%  

- If only department I without FLEXA* (Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft insurance)                                                                                                                                                         09.25%

- If only department I with FLEXA*                                                                                              09.90%

Loss of profits following machinery breakdown - Electronics & Machines (fire, explosion, lightning)                                                                                                                     9.90%


Industrial accident insurance

- Personnel subject to RSZ (National Social Security Authority)                           04.13%

- Personnel not subject to National Social Security Authority                               24.13%

Group Accidents

- Guarantee for ‘medical expenses’, Welfare coverage                                            09.25%

- Guarantees for disability and death                                                                  04.40% or 09.25%

Individual accidents                                                                                                                        09.25%

Legal expenses insurance                                                                                                                              09.25%


Civil liability insurance for Families                                                                                             09.25%

No-fault liability                                                                                                                                18.75%

Civil liability insurance for Companies                                                                        09.25%

Civil liability insurance for Disasters                                                                                            09.25%

Professional liability                                                                                                                        09.25%

Driver’s liability                                                                                                                                 09.25%

LEGAL AID                                                                                                                                                        09.25%*


Hospitalisation insurance

- Premium tax                                                                                                                   09.25%/0%*

- NIHDI contribution                                                                                                                      10.00%

*Exemption from premium tax in case of high coverage/protection

Guaranteed income insurance (professional indemnity insurance)     04.40%

Guaranteed income insurance (other than professional indemnity insurance)                               09.25%


Death insurance                                                                                                                               02.00%

Term Death insurance policy with decreasing capital 

to guarantee a mortgage loan                                                                                                       01.10%

Branch 21 investment insurance “outside the tax system” (natural person)

- premium tax                                                                                                                                    02.00%

Branch 23 investment insurance (natural person)

- premium tax                                                                                                                                    02.00%                  

Branch 21 “pension savings insurance” subject to tax

- no premium tax                                                                                                                                             -

Branch 21 life insurance “subject to tax” (Long-Term Savings)

- premium tax                                                                                                                                    02.00%

Group insurance

- premium tax on the employer’s contribution and personal contribution         04.40%

- social charges on the employer’s contribution                                                                       08.86%

- special social security contribution on the employer’s contribution                  01.50%

Private Supplementary Pension for the Self-Employed (VAPZ)

- no premium tax                                                                                                              -

- contribution for incapacity to work                                                                                                           09.25%

Individual Pension commitment

- premium tax                                                                                                                                                   02.00%

- pension, death, and death caused by an accident                                                                 0440% <

Our remuneration

For our insurance mediation services, we shall in principle receive compensation from the insurance company. This remuneration is included in the premium that you pay as a client.

The insurance premium that you pay comprises a technical premium of the insurance company and taxes (see above), and in addition to the above, our remuneration (commission fee). The total premium that you pay is your total cost.


BOAR INSURANCE (BOAR stands for Fire, Accidents and Miscellaneous Risks – Non-life insurance)


The remuneration that accrues to us as an insurance broker for non-life policies is a percentage of a part of the premium - namely the premium without taxes and charges (see below) that you have effectively paid as a client. The percentage depends on the type of insurance guarantee (see below) subscribed to by you as a client.

The structure of your insurance premium is as follows:

  • Risk premium: the amount that the insurer requires to pay for the damage

  • Administrative costs of insurer: the amount that the insurer requires for general expenses

  • Acquisition cost of insurer: the amount that the insurance company requires to acquire and maintain the insurance contract in force

  • Commission remuneration of agent: the part of the acquisition cost that the insurer pays to the insurance broker, calculated on the net premium. This part is our basic remuneration.

  • Collection cost of insurance broker: the fixed cost that is charged by the broker for the management and delivery of the premium advice note. The maximum amount of our collection fee is €2 per receipt.

  • Taxes and charges (see above)


Standard market-based remuneration (on the net premium):



Civil liability for cars (motor vehicles)


Large or small comprehensive cover for cars


Legal assistance for cars


(Travel) assistance


Accidents/injuries caused by accidents during leisure time


Pleasure crafts




Bodily damage


Industrial accidents


Group Accidents


Domestic personnel


Formula 24/Guaranteed income


Civil Liability insurance


Civil liability insurance for Family


Civil liability insurance for Teaching/Professional civil liability.


Objective Civil liability insurance for Fire-Explosion


Civil liability insurance for enterprises


Civil liability insurance for Medical and paramedical professions


Fire/theft/glass breakage/storm/natural disaster


Engineering: ABR [All Risks Insurance for Construction Sites]/All risk insurance for electronics


All risk insurance for jewellery, cameras, art, fur





A number of tasks that were earlier carried out by the companies have been delegated to the insurance broker. The drawing up of contracts and attachments, increased intervention in the handling of damage cases, et al. For these additional tasks, we sometimes receive an additional management fee. This has no impact whatsoever on the premium paid by you, it only relates to a reallocation of tasks and the corresponding reimbursement from the company to the insurance broker. The additional management fee can vary from 0% to 5%.

Remuneration of life insurances

The basic remuneration that accrues to us as an insurance broker for LIFE policies is a percentage of a part of the premium, namely the premium without taxes that may vary depending on the type of policy that you have effectively paid as a client. The percentage depends on the type of insurance guarantee (see below) subscribed to by you as a client. The “life” insurer shall, wherever applicable, charge an entry fee and management fee for specific products.

All the percentages mentioned (see below) are maximum percentages and are applied on the premium paid by you (exclusive of taxes). As an insurance broker, we determine the collection fee for each policy according to the complexity of the case, without exceeding the specified maximum percentage.



Investment insurance


Capital redemption operations (branch 26)


Savings-linked insurance


Pension insurance (self-employed persons and SMEs)


Risk insurance


classic life insurance


The collection fees of the insurance broker (see above under BOAR) is not generally applied by us in case of payment request for life insurance. If it is applied, this is done according to the system for BOAR insurance.

Premium payments, and certainly even in the case of larger extra payments, are easily made directly to the insurance company.


In addition to our basic remuneration for life insurance, we as insurance brokers can, under certain circumstances, receive an additional remuneration for some of the aforesaid insurance types from some insurers.

Some insurers pay a portfolio compensation for the follow-up and management of well-defined investment portfolios (investment and capital insurance). This may fluctuate depending on the average underlying funds invested. If this applies, this remuneration is not payable and under the margin of the insurance company, and will not be charged to the individual client.

Under certain conditions, some insurers pay a one-time additional fee (called a reminder fee) for savings, pension, risk and classic life insurances.  This fee is calculated on the premiums. This ‘reminder fee’ is the present value payment of future fees, taking into account the long duration of the underlying contract. Such reminder fees are only earned on the number of years decided by the company, to encourage compliance with this contract. As a rule, we do not charge fees of this type.

Handling of complaints

If something does not go through in the desired manner, please do contact us. Nobody is perfect, which however does not take away from the fact that problems can arise that must be resolved in all cases.


In case of differences of opinion or a problem, we always prefer to reach an amicable solution.

If we are unable to achieve an amicable solution together, it seems to us fair in general, to lay the matter before the competent court or an arbitrator in advance.


When resolving a complaint, we do our very best to maintain good relations throughout the dispute.


As a dissatisfied policy holder, you may also file a complaint with the

Insurance Ombudsman Service

de Meeûssquare 35

1000 Brussels

telephone 02 547 58.71

fax 02 547 59 75

Supervisory authority

We are registered as a recognised insurance broker with the FSMA under number 10116 A.

The FSMA is the supervisory authority and maintains the register of all insurance intermediaries.

Information about FSMA:

Congresstraat 12-14

1000 Brussels

Conflicts of interest

Legislative framework

With effect from 30 April 2014, the “AssurMiFID code of conduct” shall come into force. The legal basis for the same is the law of 30 July 2013 on strengthening of the protection of clients of financial products and services, and the powers of the Financial Services and Markets Authority and various other provisions, and the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 on the rules governing the application to the insurance sector of Sections 27 to 28bis of the law of 2 August 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and on financial services, and the Royal Decree of 21 February 2014 on the conduct of business rules and the rules for management of conflicts of interest in the insurance sector.

In accordance with this code of conduct, our office is bound to draw up a written policy for the management of conflicts of interest in the provision of insurance mediation services.

The legal regulations relating to conflicts of interest area supplement to the general MiFID constitution. Our office respects the aforesaid constitution by working loyally, equitably and professionally for the interests of the client when providing insurance mediation services.


Which conflicts of interest?

Keeping in mind our conflicts of interest policy, we have as a first step, identified the possible conflicts of interest in our office.

Conflicts of interest can occur between (1) our office and associated persons and a client, or (2) between several clients mutually. The policy relating to conflicts of interest takes into account the specific characteristics of our office and its group structure if any.

When assessing where the possible conflicts of interest lie, our office has identified the situations in which there is a considerable risk of injury to the interests of the client. These are:

  • Situations in which profits are made or loss is incurred at the cost of the client;

  • Situations in which our office has a different interest in the outcome of the service or transaction;

  • Situations with a financial incentive to give precedence to other clients;

  • Situations in which we operate in the same business as the client;

  • Situations in which our office receives compensation from a person other than the client for the insurance mediation services delivered.


What measures does our office take

Our office implements a wide range of measures to ensure that the protection of the interests of the client enjoys top priority.

These measures include the following, among others:

  • An internal instruction note;

  • A modified remuneration policy;

  • A policy that ensures that the related persons only provide mediation services in relation to insurance contracts of which they know the essential characteristics and are in a position to explain the same to the clients;

  • A policy, in case a concrete solution cannot be found for a specific conflict of interest, that reserves the right of our office to refuse to perform the requested service with the exclusive aim of protecting the interests of the client;

  • A scheme for receiving benefits;

  • A policy that ensures that all information provided by persons associated with us is correct, clear and not misleading.

If necessary, the policy of our office relating to conflicts of interest will be modified and/or updated.


What is the procedure?

Possible interests conflict identified

1. Is compliance with the MiFID constitution be respected?
If "no": No services
2. If yes: Are the management measures adequate?
If yes:> Services
3. If 'no':> Specific transparency>Services

Specific transparency

If in a concrete situation, our measures are unable to offer an adequate guarantee, our office will inform you concerning the general nature and/or the sources of the conflict of interest, so that you can take a well-considered decision. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Processing of personal data

Our office is required to process your personal data in connection with your contracts/services. Your data may be transferred in whole or in part to parties that are involved in these contracts (insurance compan(y)(ies), credit institution(s), assistance providers, repairers, experts, etc.). The data may also be processed by our office for commercial purposes. Please let us know if you do not wish to receive commercial information from our office.

Our office may have to process medical and/or sensitive data relating to you with a view to ensuring the proper management of your case. The data shall only be used by our office for the subscription and management of the contracts and file(s).


Your personal data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of the law. You have the right to access and correct your personal data. You may obtain additional information from the Belgian Privacy Protection Commission, Drukpersstraat 35 in 1000 Brussels,

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Can be processed by the Kantoor Peeters Comm.V personal data obtained via this website for eg business prospecting and promotion of insurance products or services, the management of the client base, (direct) marketing, public relations, granting and management of insurance services as an insurance intermediary or -makelaar.
You can object to the use of such data for the above marketing purposes. You are also entitled to examine the personal data relating to you and you can, where necessary, have them corrected.


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