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Kantoor Peeters Comm.V 

 Other names of our office:

Verzekeringskantoor Peeters, Verzekeringen Peeters, Bureau d’Assurances Peeters

Mechelsesteenweg 241

B-1933 Sterrebeek/Zaventem

Telefoon 02 731 49 60

Fax 02 731 66 29

 Company number  
RPR Brussel 0456.591.272

 Bank details  
BE42 8289 9860 3554

 Insurance broker
Entered in the register kept by the FSMA under number 10116 A

  Professional association
Member of the profesionnal associations FVF and Feprabel.

Processing of personal data

Our office must process your personnal data for contracts and/or services. Your data may be transferred in whole or in part to parties involved in these contracts (insurance company (s), institution (s), support providers, repairmen, experts, ...). The data can also be processed by our office for commercial purposes. Do you want to receive commercial information from our office you can let us know.

Under the Act of December 8, 1992 you are entitled to access and correct your personal data. Additional information can be obtained from the Commission for the Protection of Privacy, Rue de la Presse 35 in 1000 Brussels,

Processing of medical and/or sensitive personal data

It can happen that we must process your medical office and / or sensitive data with the goal of the proper management of your file. The data will be used by our office for the subscription and management of contracts and file (s).


Our office does not hold any share in the voting rights or capital of an insurance company. Conversely, there are no insurance companies that have a stake in the voting rights or capital of the firm.

You have the right to ask for the name and address of the insurance companies our office can do business.

Premium payment

You can pay your insurance premium in several ways.Normally your payment is done through premium collection through our office. As a client you confirm that we can do so for the insurances you subscribed by our intermediacy. 

You can pay us by bank transfer or authorize us to collect the premium by direct debit from your bank account. We check for you if the amount of premium as we receive it from the respective insurance companies are correct (index, malus, discount ...).

We may, for the invoices we send you, explicitly charge a fixed fee of one euro per mentioned insurance. This expense is included in the separate statement of the applicable fees and expenses.

Once you have paid your premium to us, you are freed from payment to the insurer.

Our remuneration

For our insurance brokerage services we receive in principle compensation from the insurance company. This fee is included in the premium you pay as a customer.
In the insurance premium you pay is in addition to the taxes (which can reach more than 27%, product, policy and warranty dependent) and the technical premium the insurance company also includes our remuneration (commission). This means that the total premium you pay is your clear total cost.

As part of the AssurMifID-conduct, which we must live as an office, we inform you following along on our fee:
For our services on insurance mediation in principle we receive compensation from the insurance company, which is part of the premium that you pay as a customer.
In addition, a global (based on all the contracts we have and the additional tasks we completean insurance company) compensation can be given by the insurance companies we work with. For more information contact our office or consult the customer area of ​​our website. In the other case we receive for our services, insurance intermediation fees of our customers.

Our advice

To be able to recommend an insurance policy that meets your needs, making our firm a proper analysis of, on the one hand, the risk to be insured and, on the other your desires and needs relating to endorse insurance contract (s).

As part of this analysis, you will be asked various questions, including on the policyholder and the insured, the description of the risk, the appropriate guarantees, insurance and any prior medical history and other general comments and clarifications. You answers can be found in the insurance proposal to subscribe to insurance, cfr. "Your choice as a customer" on any information card, or find roots in letter, fax, or email. Unless we make another appointment, no further analysis of the risk you want to ensure through our office.

Insurance proposal and / or contract of the solution (s) of your choice can be completed and delivered. We always inform you what the scope and limitations of the insurance solution chosen.

Our advice

our services

We try to correctly and fully assist regarding your insurance. This means that we inform you about possible insurances (main characteristics) to your question or possibly during review of your current file (the insurance and your personal situation may change).

Know that we are able to offer almost all types of insurance from many different insurers. Moreover concerning specific insurance policies, for instance through your employer, we can often provide some clarification. Every question is somewhat related insurance arouses our interest. Perhaps our most important asset is the will to do what is right.

This also means that you can count on our concrete aid, assistance and advocacy. We are like an insurance office actually a bit on top of your insurance.

As part of the AssurMifID-conduct, which we must live as an office, we share these with you regarding our products and services:

1. Information on the concept of insurance mediation.

Our firm provides services of insurance mediation. Ie the activities that consist of advising on concerning insurance contracts, proposing, conducting preparatory work to conclude insurance contracts or the conclusion of contracts of insurance, or in assisting in the administration and performance of insurance on contracts during the period from the office. The administration may for example be administratively targeted or related to treatment of a claim.

2. Numbers of branches and titles

1: Accidents;
2: Disease;
3: Land vehicles other than railway rolling stock;
4: Railway rolling stock;
5: Aircraft Casco;
6: Casco ships and boats;
7: Goods in transit including merchandise, baggage and all other goods;
8: Fire and natural forces;
9: Other damage to property;
10 BA motor vehicles;
11: BA aircraft;
12 BA ships and boats;
13: General BA;
14: credit;
15: Bail;
16: Miscellaneous financial loss;
17: Legal aid;
18: Assistance;
21: Life insurance not linked to investment funds
except bruidsschat- and birth insurance;
22: Bruidsschat- and birth insurance, not connected
investment funds;
23: Life bruidsschat- and birth insurance schemes
investment funds;
26: Capitalisation activities;
27: Management of group pension funds.

3. Policy conditions

For the different policy conditions of the various products of different insurance companies which operate refer to the relevant proposals and / or policies and the references displayed by the insurance companies.

As a rule, a policy consists of at least Terms and Conditions and the Special Conditions. This can be supplemented with, for example declarations, certificates and cover letters.

It is not yet possible of each policy online terms and conditions to make available.

Are you with us as a customer is able to consult the specific conditions in the customer zone (secure environment, access on request).

Handling complaints

Our office is doing its utmost to serve you.

If something does not go as desired, then we learned it from you. No one is perfect, that does not mean that problems may arise in any event, have to be solved.

We prefer a disagreement f a problem in any case an amicable solution.

When we could not get it together off it seems fair to mention, in general the appeal to the ordinary courts or an arbitrator in advance.

In dealing with a complaint, we avoid any practice that affects the serenity of the debate.

You can be assured if dissatisfied with a complaint also contact the

Ombudsdienst Verzekeringen
de Meeûssquare 35
1000 Brussels
telephone 02 547 58 71
fax 02 547 59 75

Supervisory authority

We are recognized insurance broker and registered as such with the FSMA under number 10116 A

The FSMA is the supervisory authority and keeps the record of all insurance intermediaries

Data of FSMA:
rue du Congres 12-14
1000 Brussels

Conflicts of intrest

1. The legal framework

As of April 30, 2014, the "AssurMiFID -gedragsregels" force. They find their legal basis in the Law of July 30, 2013 to strengthen the protection of consumers of financial products and services and the powers of the FSMA and various provisions as well as the Royal Decree of February 21 2014 on the rules for applying the Articles 27 to 28a of the Law of August 2, 2002 on the supervision of the financial sector and financial services to the insurance industry and Royal Decree of February 21, 2014 relating to the conduct and rules on the management of conflicts of interest, pursuant to the law, what the insurance sector .

In accordance with these rules of conduct held our office to prepare a written policy for managing conflicts of interest in providing services of insurance intermediation.

The legislation on conflict of interests is in addition to the general MiFID constitution. This constitution is respected by our office by themselves honestly, fairly and professionally act in the interests of the customer in providing services of insurance mediation.

2. What conflict of interest?

In view of our conflict of interest policy, our firm first step in a potential conflict of interest identified in our office.

Conflicts may arise between (1) our firm and its affiliated persons and a client or (2) between multiple clients themselves. The conflicts of interest policy takes into account the individual characteristics of our firm and its possible group structure.

In assessing possible conflicts of interest situations, our firm has been mapped with a significant risk that the interests of the customer. It's about:
- Situations in which profits are made or loss incurred at the expense of the client;
- Situations in which our office has a different interest in the outcome of the service or transaction;
- Situations with a financial incentive to allow other clients to go;
- Situations where the same now applies as the client;
- Situations where our office receives a fee from a person other than the client for the services of insurance intermediation.

3. What measures does the office

Our office takes many measures to ensure that the interests of the client prevail.

These include the following:
• An internal briefing notes;
• An appropriate remuneration policy;
• A policy that ensures that the connected persons only mediate about insurance contracts that they know the essential features and be able to explain to the clients;
• A policy that the right of our office in the absence of a concrete solution to a specific conflict of interest to refuse the requested service with the sole aim of protecting the interests of the customer;
• A system of receiving benefits;
• A policy that ensures that all information our related persons providing fair, clear and not misleading.

If necessary, our firm conflicts of interest policy will be modified and / or updated.

4. What is the procedure?

Possible interests conflict identified

1. Can MiFID constitution be respected?
If "no": No services
2. If yes: Suffice management measures?
If yes:> Services
3. If 'no':> Specific transparency>

5. Specific transparency

When in actual situations our actions could not provide sufficient guarantee, you will be informed by the office of the general nature and / or sources of conflict of interest, so you can make an informed decision. You can always contact us to get more information.


Our office is obliged to adhere to the "AssurMiFID-conduct". In this connection, we will provide you with detailed information about above

I. Our service
1. Information on the concept of insurance mediation.
2. Numbers of branches and titles
3. Policy conditions

II. Conflicts
1. The legal framework
2. What conflict of interest?
3. What measures does the office
4. What is the procedure?
5. Specific transparency

III. Our remuneration / compensation

Disclaimer website

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The information provided does not constitute an offer of insurance or
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Such an offer is not directed towards persons who visit the website of Kantoor Peeters, access or use from countries or jurisdictions other than Belgium, unless they are explicitly stated.
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Kantoor Peeters Comm.V consequently disclaims all liability in such cases.
The Kantoor Peeters Comm.V liability for any damage resulting from direct and / or indirect use of this website (simulations and information accessed or obtained on or through this website) might be involved only when there is intent or gross negligence as may be invoked.

The service and product Kantoor Peeters Comm.V provided via this website is governed by the rules of Belgian law. Should you gain access to this website and / or make use of it from another jurisdiction, you should verify in advance whether the law of that country to accept it. Otherwise, please refrain from any (further) access to and / or use of our website.

The intellectual property rights to the information contained on this website, publications and data to either Kantoor Peeters Comm.V or to office-affiliated third parties (suppliers, etc.) or to third parties effective. You will refrain from any violation thereof. Without the express prior written consent of the author or his assigns, any transfer, sale, distribution or reproduction in any form or means, of this information, publications or data is prohibited.

Can be processed by the Kantoor Peeters Comm.V personal data obtained via this website for eg business prospecting and promotion of insurance products or services, the management of the client base, (direct) marketing, public relations, granting and management of insurance services as an insurance intermediary or -makelaar.
You can object to the use of such data for the above marketing purposes. You are also entitled to examine the personal data relating to you and you can, where necessary, have them corrected.


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