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B-1933 Sterrebeek/Zaventem

Monday 13:00-17:00, Tuesday 9:00-13:00, Wednesday 9:00-13:00, Thursday 13:00-17:00, Friday 9:00-13:00. Another time or at your place after appointment. Phone assistance 24/7.

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Koen Peeters

Koen Peeters

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Imke Peeters

Imke Peeters


We help you making the optimal choice in the wide range of the insurance market. We look for correct insurance solutions for you.



Some of the insurance companies we work with

The office

The office

With its experience of many years in the insurance sector, Bureau Peeters is able to provide personalized advice and informed on the subject. We offer total solutions and in the field of insurance to individuals, independents , professionals and SMEs

We can mediate a large number of companies and following the entire insurance market. As a recognized independent broker, we are totally free so we can choose with you from the wide range .

Of course we also come to your home, by appointment.

Most of our private clients living in Brussels and Vlaams-Brabant (full outskirts of Brussels to Leuven, Vilvoorde and Overijse) .

Come by during opening hours. By phone we are 24/24 !

To make sure that we can help and have time for you, we advice you to take an appointment first.


Basically the story starts in 1933 when AfM Peeters starts with private insurance, after several years being active in a large brokerage firm and then at insurance companies. Insurance operations, however, remains rather limited.  

The three sons set up in 1968 along the VKP (Insurance Peeters) on. Is soon decided that each of the brothers build up its own clientele. The office infrastructure is still equally shared.  

One brother stops completely with its insurance business and the other two now work each with their own office. Dolf decided to further expand its office in Sterrebeek.  

Along with Emmeke, his wife, is continuing steadily. After several years, the team will be strengthened with Hilde, Griet, Koen and Imke.  

In 1983, the home office has become too small and will be moved into a modern new building in the center of Sterrebeek.  

From 1995, the next generation change is being prepared. From 2000 Koen takes up the baton, but he can count on years of experience and his strong team.  

In 2002 it was decided to convert the meantime built up a secondary activity (independent banking agents) full stop, so that the firm can continue to focus on the core business (insurance!).  

Since 2014, no (mortgage) loans more available. We did not ask for a new approval as a credit intermediary. Just insure!


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